React Development Environment Setup

09 Dec 2018

Homebrew Ubuntu users have apt-get, Windows users have chocolatey? and Mac OS users have Homebrew. It’s easy to install and and can even be used to install non-opensource packages - like Firefox or chrome - using Install Homebrew by pasting this…

React & JavaScript ES6 Learning Links

04 Dec 2018

This is a continuously updated list of the learning materials that I'm using to learn React, JS and build some projects along the way. React & JavaScript ES6 React's official tutorial and their official docs : This is where I personally started and…

Helllo World!

20 Nov 2018

I’ve never written a blog post before. I realise this is not a good way to start a blog post… But here goes. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this passionate about something, after landing my first job as a junior frontend developer in Sweden, I…